Chefs de Mission

The chef de mission is the volunteer leader who represents one of the countries or territories during the Games. They ensure that the Games run smoothly for the athletes and offer support where needed. As such, they must be familiar with all aspects of the Games.

The Chefs de Mission Manual was created as a compendium of knowledge for the chefs de mission to consult, as needed. The seminar guide accompanied the draft version of the manual and was presented a year ahead of the Games.

Chefs de Mission Manual

This manual contained everything a chef de mission would need to know about the Games, including transportation and venue and sport information. It was approximately 300 pages with tabs dividing each section and was produced in multiple languages. Several fold-out map and schedule sections were included for ease of use.

Chefs de Mission Seminar Guides

These guides were created specifically for the Chef de Mission Seminar, which discussed Games planning a year out from the Games. The guides highlighted the schedule for the multi-day seminar as well as local points of interest.