Volunteer Program

The TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games recruited 23,000+ volunteers to put on the Games. Several resources were created specifically for volunteers to help them do their role effectively. The Volunteer Leadership Impact Toolkit was created for volunteers who would be in charge of other volunteers, and the Volunteer Pocket Guide was created for all volunteers and staff working during the Games.

Volunteer Leadership Impact Toolkit

The Volunteer Leadership Impact Toolkit was provided to volunteers who would be leading and managing other volunteers. It provided them with the tools they needed to motivate and inform their volunteers on a daily basis. It was created to resemble a small vertical notebook that could be easily used and carried around.

Volunteer Pocket Guide

The Volunteer Pocket Guide was provided to every volunteer and staff member who would be working the Games. It provided them with all the information they would need to provide assistance, answer questions and prepare for the Games. Included with the guide was a sport schedule folded into a clear pocket at the back.